What Foods Make You More Productive in the Afternoon?

Oh how we hate you, mid-afternoon slump. Sure, staying up late to binge watch “Stranger Things” seems worth it that night, but the next day, it leaves us yawning and unable to concentrate. But business performance expert David Schepp says what we eat, or don’t eat, can affect our ability to be productive at work.

This means that filling up on refined carbs and processed foods keeps your body from functioning at its best. But these healthy foods energize and replenish your body so it’s running at optimum capacity.

  • Bananas - The brain functions best when there are 25-grams of glucose in the bloodstream, according to LiveScience. And that’s exactly how much is in a banana. Perfect for avoiding your 3 p.m. crash.
  • Eggs - They’re packed with choline, which is a fat-like B vitamin that “enhances memory and reaction time,” according to health expert Melissa Thompson. She explains that it increases the size of neurons in the brain, which helps you stay focused.
  • Blueberries - Because they’re full of antioxidants and natural sugars, blueberries make the perfect swap for your afternoon sugar fix. Thompson says they’re also known to “counteract oxidative stress and reverse age-related declines in coordination.” Not to mention they’re so delicious.
  • Avocados - You already love to eat them, but they’re full of healthy monounsaturated fats and can “enhance blood flow” so they help the brain function better. Definite win-win!
  • Salmon - It’s all those omega-3s, iron, and vitamin B that Thompson says help with “better recall, memory, focus, and logical reasoning.” And that’ll definitely boost productivity!

Source: My Domaine

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