It’s Spring – Time To Start Cleaning

It’s finally feeling like spring, and while you’d think that would mean most people will be headed outside to enjoy the good weather, it seems a lot of folks will be spending their days indoors getting their home ready for the season.

While you may think the idea of "Spring Cleaning" is an old tradition, a new survey finds most people really do plan to commit some time to getting it done. In fact, a new Angie’s List survey finds that 90% of folks plan to concentrate on six different Spring cleaning chores, although 41% don’t plan to do it themselves and will hire professional help to get the job done.

As for where people will focusing their cleaning, 69% plan to clean their windows, by far the most popular spring chore, while 58% will clean their window coverings, like the blinds or curtains. Although it’s the least favorite chore, 56% of folks will be scrubbing their bathroom clean, while 54% will be cleaning their appliances and 41% will deep clean their carpets and rugs.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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