There’s A Girl Scout Troop For Homeless Kids In New York

There’s a new Girl Scout troop in New York City and it’s one of a kind. Troop 6000 is New York’s first Girl Scout group for homeless girls who are currently living in a shelter in Queens. It’s giving these young ladies a chance to learn leadership skills and experience things they might not get to in their current living conditions.

Troop 6000 was created by a collaboration between New York’s homeless services department, a councilman in Queens, and a mom who works as a community engagement specialist for the Girl Scouts - and she happens to live at that shelter as well. The fees for all 20 members are covered by the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

Moving is stressful for kids and having an unstable housing situation can be traumatic. But getting kids involved in healthy, social routines gives them some much-needed stability. If you want to support Troop 6000, click here to donate to the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

Source: Romper 

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