America’s Well-Being On The Rise

While we may live in a divided, and somewhat unhappy country right now, it seems overall folks are still feeling good about their lives. According to the Temkin Well-Being Index, well-being is on the rise, and is actually at the highest level in six years.

According to the report the TWBi is at a 65.9% this year, up 4% from last year. The index is based on a survey in which consumers were asked to agree with three statements, “I am typically happy,” “I am healthy,” and “I am financially secure.”

Overall, folks are feeling more positive about all three areas of well-being, with financial security increasing from 45% to 50.5%, health scores going up from 65.7% to 69.6% and happiness jumping from 75.0% to 77.7%.

  • Meanwhile, another survey on the state of America’s well-being finds that parents are reporting the highest overall well-being for the year at 24%, which is up from 14% in 2015, while only 12% of non-parents rate their well-being as “excellent.” When it comes to generations, all are showing an increase in well-being, although Millennials report the largest at 21%. Finally, the only folks reporting a decrease in well-being are women. In fact, 28% say their well-being is better than five years ago, while 36% rated their well-being as excellent in 2015. As for men, their well-being actually stayed the same. 

Source: Temken

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