Certain Veggies Can Make You Fat!

Nutritionists agree we should all eat more vegetables, but they’re not all created equally. And if you’re filling your plate with veggies to help you lose weight, some will help you get there sooner than others and some could derail your plan altogether.

According to a Harvard study that looked at the diets of around 130,000 adults over 20 years, some vegetables actually contribute to weight gain. Yeah, not what you were expecting from your produce at all. But it’s not the leafy greens or sprouts that lead to the scale tipping - the “unhealthiest” veggie of all is actually corn.

People who eat more starchy vegetables like potatoes, peas, and corn are more likely to gain weight, according to the study. “Corn was the worst, with two pounds of weight gained for every additional serving over four years,” researchers found. It’s the high glycemic loads in those veggies that cause “frequent, intense blood sugar spikes” after they’re eaten, and that can make people want to eat even more.

On the flip side, the study finds that people who eat more high-fiber veggies like kale and string beans are more likely to drop weight over time. Knowledge is power and all, but knowing this shouldn’t stop anyone from indulging in fresh corn on the cob this summer. It’s totally worth a pound on the scale.

Source: Byrdie

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