How To Make Spring Cleaning Fun!

Yesterday, we shared a survey of how Americans go about spring cleaning, now it’s time to share hacks to make it not so mind numbing.

The brilliant minds at Bustle have put together a list of hacks to make your chores a bit more fun and enjoyable. Really! Here’s all you do:

  • Make it fun! Crank up your favorite tunes, open the windows and arm yourself with a favorite drink.
  • Use your cleaning style to your advantage. Think about how you like to get things done and it will be a more organized attack on those dust bunnies.
  • Collect random items in a box. Get those stray shoes, extra knickknacks and items that get in the way rounded up. Save that for last.
  • Knock off one area at a time. If you jump from place to place you’ll never get done.
  • Make a “sell” bin. Put things that have value…just not to you… in one pile and then you’ll be able to make money off them.
  • Reward yourself. When the tasks are complete, do something special for yourself. Whether it’s adding a plant to your space and buying a big old latte, you’ve earned it!

Source: Bustle

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