Report Shows Babysitting Wages Up Sharply!

Sure, fast food workers have been clamoring for higher wages for some time, but a new report shows that babysitting is where it’s at. In fact, sitters are now averaging close to 14-dollars an hour.

A new report shows parents pay about 25% more for sitters since 2010. But it’s not as though local teens are reaping that benefit. Experts at say the bump in pay comes as more families look for adults with specialized skills like safety training or CPR certification.

Parents are likely to pay higher rates in major cities and less elsewhere. San Jose, California tops the list with a going rate of nearly 16-dollars-70 cents an hour. San Francisco; Bridgeport, Connecticut; Boston and New York City round out the list of the five most expensive cities to hire a babysitter.

Five most expensive big cities to hire a babysitter (per hour):

  1. San Jose, California: $16.68
  2. San Francisco: $16.52
  3. Bridgeport, Connecticut: $15.74
  4. Boston: $15.51
  5. New York City: $15.23

Five least expensive big cities to hire a babysitter (per hour):

  1. Youngstown, Ohio: $11.81
  2. Toledo, Ohio: $12.24
  3. McAllen, Texas: $12.36
  4. Lakewood, Florida: $12.52
  5. Akron, Ohio: $12.67

Source: CBS News

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