It Will Soon Be Harder To Find Junk Food At CVS

Next time you’re in the mood for a quick candy fix you may not want to run into your local CVS. The drug store chain is continuing its effort to make America healthier by redesigning their stores and making it tougher for you to find your favorite chocolate or sugary treat.

CVS began their mission to get everyone healthy three years ago when they stopped selling tobacco products and now they expanding on that goal. While they don’t plan on getting rid of treats altogether, by the end of next year it will certainly be harder to find them.

Instead, CVS plans to redesign hundreds of stores to expand selections of healthier foods, health-focused products and more natural beauty selections. The goal is to feature 100-feet of new merchandise in those three areas, and add “discovery zones” that will promote a more holistic approach to care, along with informational signs in order to guide a customer towards finding the right health solutions for their needs.  

In addition to the decrease in junk food, the chain plans to sell fewer seasonal products, so no more aisles filled with Christmas decorations and Easter goodies. 

Source: USA Today

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