Majority Of Americans Losing Sleep Over Money

While most of us know a good night’s sleep is important for our health, way too many of us just aren’t getting one, and a new survey reveals just what’s keeping us up at night, and it isn’t anything fun.

A poll by finds that 65% of Americans are losing sleep over money. The biggest concern for most people seems to be health care and insurance bills (38%), although worries about not saving enough for retirement (37%), educational expenses (34%), mortgage and rent bills (26%) and credit card debt (22%) are also causing us to lose sleep.

But folks are at least trying to do something about all that fear. Turns out, 82% of people who lose sleep over money say they’ve taken at least one step to improve their financial situation, as compared to only 54% of those not losing sleep. Reducing expenses is the most common step folks are making, followed by selling something, signing up for a new credit card and taking a second job. 


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