Would You Pay $425 for a Pair of Muddy Jeans?

In case you missed it, you can now look dirty without really being dirty – if you're willing to pay for it. For 425-bucks, you can now buy a pair of jeans with fake mud on them. They're available at Nordstrom and the jeans look like the real deal coated in mud.

The retailer says the Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans feature "caked-on muddy coating" that gives the effect of being worn in the dirty and mud. Nordstrom says the pants embody "rugged Americana" that shows "you're not afraid" to get down and dirty.

The reaction has been decidedly negative – both for the price and the idea itself. "This is a joke, right?" one now-deleted commenter offered. "Do you also sell jeans covered in cow manure? Oh, that must be the deluxe model."

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Source: CNET

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