Emily Post Etiquette Guide Gets An Update For The Tech Age

These days it’s harder and harder to find folks who practice good manners, and thanks to technology what actually qualifies as good manners has changed over the years. Well, Emily Post is out to right that wrong. 

“Emily Post’s Etiquette” has just come out with their 19th edition, written by Post’s great-great-grandchildren Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, and they’ve added new chapters to address our Smartphone-addicted world. The authors say good etiquette is all about communication and relationships, and in this day and age since a lot of that is happening through technology, people need to take extra care in how they talk to people, which is why the book needed an update.

One of the subjects addressed is texting, with the book recommending folks look at texting as any regular conversation, so they believe it’s rude to delay answering a text or to send someone too many messages. They also say bad news should never be sent via text, and only by a phone call or in person. The book also believes that it’s perfectly okay to ignore a friend request, unfriend someone or untag yourself from a photo, but they do note that people still need to treat folks online with respect, even if you are posting anonymously. 

The etiquette guide also broaches the subject of online dating, advising folks that if you don’t get a response from someone after a second message to just move on. And even though a couple has met online, when they finally meet up in person, regular social rules should be followed, like being on time, putting in some effort to your appearance, and being "a good conversationalist.” The book adds that “ghosting” is a no-no.

Source: New York Daily News

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