Most of Us Prefer A Relaxing Vacation

It’s safe to say that most people love a vacation, but not everyone likes the same type of vacation. There are those who love to sit on the beach, those who love to explore cities and even those who like to hike and climb and such, but which do most people prefer?

Well, according to a global poll of 17 countries, most people agree that vacations are for relaxing. In fact, 59% of people say they prefer a trip “where I relax and take it easy,” as opposed to only 35% of people would rather take "an active vacation where I do or see lots of things.”

Men and women basically agree that lazy vacations are the best (60% of men vs. 58% of women), with 35% of both men and women preferring an active trip. But once folks have families their ideas for great vacations do change a bit, although relaxing is still the most important thing. Of those with kids under six and between six and twelve, 62% prefer a relaxing vacation, while once those kids become teens the number decreases slightly to 57%.

And finally, geographic regions have different thoughts on the vacation preference...

  • Folks in Italy (45%), France (44%) and Spain (43%) are more likely to prefer an active vacation,
  • ...while those in Brazil (71%), South Korea (66%) and Japan (66%) would rather relax on their getaway.
  • As for the United States, 54% Americans want a relaxing vacation while only 38% want an active one, with 9% unsure.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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