Here's Bad Career Advice People Actually Believe!

When it comes to your career, there’s no doubt a lot of people will have advice for you, but you shouldn’t necessarily listen to all of it, especially if it comes from someone close to you.

A new survey finds that 66% of people say they’ve gotten bad career advice, with 35% of people admitting that bad advice came from friends. Other common sources of bad advice include parents (14%) and siblings and family members (10%).

So, how bad could the advice be? Well, Accountemps asked for some examples, and some are doozies. They include:

  • “Lie on your resume, they expect you to." – Friend
  • "Be conservative in your work so you're not given too many responsibilities." – Friend
  • "Make your resume very detailed and very long." – Friend
  • "Stick it out as long as possible, even if you hate it." – Parent
  • "Don't practice for the interview." – Parent
  • "Don't be friends with coworkers." – Parent
  • "Apply absentmindedly without doing research." – Career counselor
  • "Take credit for others' work so you can get ahead." – Mentor
  • "Stay in a role rather than grow within the company." – Boss
  • "Respond with the first thing that pops into your head during an interview." – Sibling or other family member 

Source: Accountemps

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