We Waste A Lot Of Time & Money Losing Things!

There’s no doubt we’ve all had those days where we are hard-pressed for time and simply can’t find our shoes, or keys or whatever. Well, turns out it’s happening to a lot of us, and it’s wasting a lot of our time.

A new “Lost and Found” survey finds that misplacing items is so commonplace folks are wasting about 2-point-5 days a year looking for things. But that’s not all, sometimes those lost things aren’t found, with Americans spending $2.7-billion a year replacing their misplaced items, with two-thirds of people spending up to $50 a year replacing lost goods.

The most common thing we misplace is the TV remote, with 45% of people saying they can’t find it at least once a week, while 71% say they misplace it about once a month. Other common misplaced items include phones (33%), car and keys (28%), glasses (27%), shoes (24%) and wallets/purses (20%). When it comes to car keys, 25% of people say they misplace them at least twice a week, with more than 50% of people saying misplaced items have caused them to be late for work or school.

  • And while you may think losing things is a product of old age, it isn't. In fact, while 40% of people blame getting older on their misplacing of items, Millennials are actually twice as likely to misplace things as compared to Baby Boomers, and a third more likely than Gen Xers. 
  • But in some cases misplacing things does have an upside. The survey finds that 69% of people have found another missing item while searching for something else.

Source: The Business Journal

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