Police Officer Is Recovering After Contact With Fentanyl

Patrolman Chris Green was part of a traffic stop turned drug bust and had just finished searching the suspect’s car when he saw powder on himself. Without thinking he brushed it off and an hour later was unconscious.

East Liverpool Police John Lane said the substance was Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is five times more potent than heroin. It took four doses of the overdose “save shot” Narcan to revive Green. He went on to explain the two suspects had rubbed the drug into the vehicles carpet to conceal its presence.

While the two alleged criminals are locked up, Green is recovering slowly. "This happened on Friday, but he's still got a headache, his chest hurts, he's lying on the couch, “ says Lane.

Ohio has been among the states hardest hit by a deadly heroin and opioid epidemic and East Liverpool in particular has struggled to contain the trend.

Source: NBC News

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