Dad Inspires Others To Help Pay Off School Lunch Debt

When Seattle dad Jeffrey Lew created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to pay for the outstanding school lunch bills for families in their school district, he inspired others to get in the act. Now other people in the community have stepped up to help erase school lunch debts, too.

Christy Lee and her husband Tom originally planned to donate to a single school, but they ended up giving close to $5,500, which helped wipe out debt at all 10 elementary schools in the Marysville School District. 

“I was inspired by Jeff and what he did for Seattle Public Schools,” says Sarah Lenaburg, who is also coordinating a fundraising effort for Everett students. “No kid should have to worry about eating lunch."

So far Lew’s GoFundMe campaign has gotten more than $23,000 in donations and it’s only been a week. He plans to use the excess money to help negate future lunch debts, so students won’t have endure “lunch shaming” or worry if they can eat that day.

Source: KOMO

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