Most People Will Take A Vacation This Year, But Most Won’t Disconnect!

A lot of people will be heading out on their summer vacations in the coming weeks but whether all of them will be completely checking out is another story.

A new survey finds that 94% of people “have taken or will take” at least one trip this year, with 90% saying they’ll take either the same or more than last year. But even though they are way, 62.3% say they will likely check in with work emails and/or voicemail on their getaway.

Overall, 31% of those polled say they likely won’t use all of their vacation time this year. And while that’s not good, it’s better than in the past. Back in 2014, 38.5% of people say they forfeited vacation time.

  • As for where people are going, 75% plan to travel within the United States, but father than a bordering state, while 39.8% will go to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, 39.5% will travel within their state and 24.8% will be heading overseas to Europe.

Source: Travelers Group

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