Family Dog Finds Miracle Cat Alive Months After a House Fire

A family's pet cat, which had been missing for two months and was believed to have died in a house fire, is miraculously alive and safe – and it's all because of its unlikely hero ... the family's dog.

Who says cats and dogs don't get along? Christine Marr says her two pets, Ringer the cat and Chloe the dog, have always been best buddies. Two months ago, a space heater inside the home caught fire and burned the house down. Everyone made it out safely except for one cat that died and Ringer, who the family thought had died.

Then last Sunday, the family returned to the house with Chloe for the first time since the fire and were shocked when Chloe sniffed around and found her buddy Ringer – severely malnourished but alive and hiding under the floor of the gutted home. 

They brought Ringer to an animal hospital for treatment and he's going to be fine. 

(Huffington Post)

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