Employees Want Summer Perks - Bosses Say NO!

With the weather getting warmer the last thing people want is to be stuck inside at a desk all day. Lucky for some people, some offices will reward their employees with summer perks, and according to a new study flexibility is the perk most folks want from their bosses.

A survey by OfficeTeam finds that 39% of employees say flexible schedules are the summer benefit they find most appealing, with leaving early on Fridays a close second at 30%. Other perks workers would love in the summer include a more relaxed dress code (18%) and company activities like a picnic or pot luck (10%).

But it appears as though companies are getting a little less generous when it comes to those perks. The survey finds that while 62% of companies do offer employees the chance for a flexible schedule during the summer, that number’s down from 75% in 2012. What’s more, only 20% offer summer Fridays, down from 63% in 2012, and 29% are okay with a relaxed dress code, down from 57%.

  • And it seems HR managers aren’t thrilled with employees performance during summer. In fact, 34% say workers are less productive during the season, citing not planning well for vacations (32%), and unexpected absences (22%) as the most common negative employee behavior during summer. 

Source: Office Team

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