Here's The Secret to Getting a Concert Seat Upgrade!

I went to my first rock concert in May of 1982 at St. John Arena and last night, on that same Ohio State Campus, 35 years later, I finally was given a seat upgrade and I'm going to show you how it's done, so pay attention!

My wife and I were guests at the Tears for Fears & Hall and Oates concert at the Schottenstein Center, but, as usual, we had seats pretty high in the arena, which is all good. BUT last night we were running a few minutes late, came in behind the stage and Ann needed a pit stop. As she is in the restroom, I asked an usher, who was helping other guests, how I could get to our seats the quickest. 

She told me to give her my ticket and find my wife ASAP! 

I explained to her that Ann was in the little girls room. 

She said, "If I were you I'd go in there and get her NOW!"

I laughed and said, "I'll wait, thanks."

She replied, "I wouldn't, because something special is about to happen."

Ann walked out and the usher said, "Give me your ticket." Ann did and we were escorted to the left side of the stage 11 rows back and handed the tickets! SWEET!

Tears for Fears had a light rig that was kinda in the way, but no big deal. Then Hall & Oates reset the stage and we had a perfect view of the stage with a set of speakers right in front of us! It was some of the best seats I have ever had at a concert EVER! And you can score them, too. So next time, you know what were going to do, right?

Check out our pics to see for yourself. Pretty cool! 

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