Instagram May Be Bad For Your Kids’ Mental Health

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you it’s impossible to get their kids off social media. Now it seems there’s good reason to worry about their kids' obsession. Too much social media can be detrimental to a young person’s mental health, and a new study reveals that some platforms are worse than others.

A UK study, which could easily translate here, asked 1,500 folks, ages 14 to 24, to rate how various social media sites affected aspects of their mental and physical health like sleep, body image, anxiety, depression and more.

Overall, Instagram is considered the worst social media platform for young people’s health, with experts suggesting looking at all your friends’ pictures promotes envy and mental illness. Snapchat was the second worst, probably for much of the same reason, followed by Facebook.

As for the sites that are the least harmful, YouTube ranks the safest, and was the only site that garnered a “net positive” effect on young people’s health, with Twitter coming in just behind it.

Source: Fox News

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