Amazon Is Ready To Pay Parents Whose Kids Bought Stuff Without Permission

Thousands of kids found it easy to buy in-app purchases through the online retailer and now they have to pony up. But parents must also take responsibility from now on.

Amazon is refunding millions of dollars for in-app purchases kids made without their parents' permission. The Federal Trade Commission announced yesterday that more than 70-million dollars in refunds is available. A court last year found Amazon responsible for things kids bought without their parents permission.

The court ruled that Amazon didn't provide adequate disclosures or ask parents to approve purchases their children made. Amazon did not require a password to make purchases within an app. The FTC's ruling for refunds applies to purchases made between November of 2011 and May of 2016.

Apple and Google also settled a similar case previously.

If your child uses a mobile device, there are parental settings to avoid this kind of problem. 

Source: USA Today

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