Folks Just Aren’t Going Out To Lunch Anymore

Taking a lunch break at work isn’t what it used to be. In fact, according to a new report, it seems going out to lunch isn’t the thing to do anymore.

In case you missed it, research firm NPD Group reports that there was a huge decline in Americans going out to lunch last year, with folks making 433 million fewer trips to restaurants for their mid-day meal, which is a $3.2-billion loss for restaurants.

So, why is going out to lunch losing it’s appeal? Well, Sacramento State Professor of Finance, Dr. Sanjay Varshney suggests it could be because people are eating healthier, so they’d rather spend their money on food eaten at home rather than outside. He also notes that the increase in companies providing amenities like on-site fitness centers, keeps them from going out, plus many people are so busy they simply eat at their desk to save time.

Varshney also suggests Millennials’ habits could be the reason. He shares, “I think that Millennials are more inclined to save that lunch hour and actually work out or have a healthier option right at their desk and then save the time in the evening for bigger and better things." 

Source: WHAS 11

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