Etiquette Rules That May Not Be Necessary Anymore

As times change, so do the rules we follow.

Technology has rendered some things extinct but basic decency shouldn’t be. So while some of these etiquette rules are out the window, remember to treat people kind.

  • Refusing to curse or feeling bad about it. Some words are more acceptable, but the high powered ones shouldn’t be said in public or in front of children.
  • Not speaking up in social situations. If something bugs you, say it. It used to be polite to not say anything when your restaurant meal was not well cooked. Now? Go for it!
  • Being weird about money. There are certain things (like asking about salary) that are off limits, but splitting the check… or refusing to… is still fair game.
  • Expecting chivalry on a date. Yeah. This one sticks.
  • Waiting to be asked out. Men prefer if you do the asking. Feel free.
  • Sending handwritten notes or letters. This is a joy to get, but a lost art. Do it if it makes you happy.

Source: Bustle

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