It’s Time To Check For Ticks

It’s time to enjoy the great outdoors, but don’t forget to pack your tweezers.

Lots of people are starting to get outdoors as the temperatures rise, but with that comes the risk of getting bitten by a tick that can transmit Lyme disease. Doctor Alan Taege with the Cleveland Clinic recommends checking your body for ticks as soon as you come inside. Doctor Taege says ticks will bite anywhere on your body but they typically prefer secluded areas like your hair or under your arms. He says the smallest ticks are brownish in color and about the size of two pinheads. He recommends checking for the parasites from head to toe, and says it's a good idea to have somebody check your scalp. A must have tool for the job is a pair of fine nose tweezers and carefully removing any ticks you find. You can’t leave any part of it behind.

Source: MetroSource

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