What Teens Want To Be When They Grow Up

What do kids want to be when they grow up? Well, a new survey seeks to find out just that. A new Career Interest Survey, conducted by Exploring, a co-ed career-development program created by the Boy Scouts of America, polled 150,000 students from eighth to 12th grade, to find out their interest in 200 different career options, and the results may surprise you.

Healthcare seems to be a pretty popular field among the age group, with four of the Top Ten career choices falling in that category. Not that many teens seemed to show an interest in a skilled trade, with only 3% of those polled choosing this line of work, and within that group almost half of those were interested in the automotive field.

Top Ten Career Choices For Young People


  1. Registered nurse
  2. Professional athlete
  3. Artist
  4. Musician/singer
  5. Athletic trainer/sports medicine
  6. Physician/surgeon
  7. Actor/Actress
  8. Veterinarian/Veterinary technician
  9. Photographer
  10. Mechanical engineer

And the survey proves there’s a huge difference in career aspirations for males and females. Female respondents appear to be less interested in engineering, business or trade jobs, while male students are less likely to want careers in healthcare, social services and the arts and humanities.

Source: The Street

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