Being Real In Your Photos Can Strengthen Your Mental Health

Making subtle changes to your social media pictures can make a noticeable difference in your outlook.

And we aren’t talking photoshop. Standing differently, using shading, or lighting can make a big difference. So says psychologist and fitness blogger Stacey Lee. In a recent post she noted “Don’t compare your outtakes, bloopers, and negatives to someone else’s highlights. Don’t forget that the ‘perfect’ photos you see took a camera roll of attempts.”

Going for perfect is what brings down your self confidence. Go for who you are not what you see in magazines. Lee also recommends you stop looking at photoshopped posts and magazine shots. They aren’t realistic.

She tells readers one important thing to take to heart, “That perfect angle to give the illusion of the tiny waist. The booty pop to give more shape. The strategic lighting. The high waisted pants. The tensing and flexing. No one looks like their highlight reel 24/7. I know I don’t.”

Snap away and show the real you with pride!

Source: New York Post

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