What Are You Going To Do With Your Stimulus Check?

Lots of Americans will be getting their government stimulus check in the coming weeks, and for a lot of people the help can’t come soon enough.

According to a new survey:

  • 69% of Americans say that they need the stimulus money to get them through the coronavirus crisis.
  • 26% say they may not necessarily need it, but it will help.
  • 40% of people say the check will relieve “a few” of the problems they are facing, while 10% say they will still be facing challenges.
  • 18% say the money will remove all the challenges they are facing, while for 17% it will relieve most of their financial issues.
  • 41% think the size of the check is “just right,” while 39% think it’s too small.

So, what do people plan to do with their stimulus check once they get it? Well, the top answer is use it for groceries (44.5%), followed by:

  • Pay Bills (42.6%)
  • Pay Rent/Mortgage (28.5%)
  • Put Some in Savings (26.0%)
  • Put All in Savings (17.6%)
  • Pay Credit Card Debt (15.2%)
  • Pay Off Other Debt (7.0%)
  • Unsure (6.2%)
  • Donate Some to Charity (4.3%)
  • Splurge (4.0%)
  • Pay Off Student Debt: (3.6%)
  • Donate all to Charity: (2.3%)
  • Post-Pandemic Vacation: (2.2%)

Source:Business Insider

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