Tips To Boost Your Mental Health!

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month… and it couldn’t come at a better time.

As we struggle with working from home, the kids, unemployment, and the upending of our lives, it’s time to focus on boosting our mental well being. There is so much coming at us, including the news, that sometimes we have to take a step back and focus on US.

Here are some ways to boost your mental health:

  • Set a time limit on watching/reading the news.
  • Make small decisions every day.
  • Give yourself a transition time everyday.
  • Schedule a “worry time.”
  • Write or talk out your feelings.
  • Connect to your sense.
  • Reach out to friends one-on-one.
  • Let yourself be sad about things like missed vacations.
  • Know when you need professional help.

Source: Good Morning America

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