Video Shows Dogs Destroy Cars, Cause $350,000 In Damages At Dealership

Barking dog

Photo: Getty Images

A video shared online shows two stray dogs destroying cars and causing damage estimated to be worth up to $350,000 at a Texas auto dealership.

The surveillance footage, which was provided to ABC 13, shows the canines ravaging five cars.

“You just never think a dog has the kind of power to tear up a car like that,” said G Motors sales manager Gary Fakhoury via ABC 13.

Another employee said they suspected only a wolf could be capable of the carnage. The two dogs were shown walking up to cars and appearing to work together to pull parts of the vehicles off with their teeth.

A cat was present in footage of the initial incident, which G Motors employees suspect the dogs may have been after. Fakhoury said employees are terrified and suspects the incident could have a negative effect on business.

“Nobody wants to leave their cars anymore. They want to make sure they get straight into the office. They’re so scared,” he said via ABC 13.

G Motors filed a report with the Houston Police Department, but was told that police couldn't do anything as the situation is a civil matter unless the dogs attack a human.

“We don’t want to wait until someone really gets hurt,” Fakhoury said via ABC 13.

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