Can’t Declutter? Take a Picture!

If you’re trying to declutter and you’re sentimental there’s a big roadblock ahead. But, fear not because there’s also a solution.

It’s a fact that we have a very tough time parting with items that have sentimental value. That’s where a new study comes in. It turns out that the research uncovered one trick that could help “preserve” the heirloom and give you the chance to part with it too.

It’s as easy as snapping a photo of the item. This smart way of keeping a record of the cherished thing makes you 15 and 35 percent more likely to donate it! The one thing that people won’t do with items that have sentimental value is sell them. It was a big turn off for the test subjects.

What we want more than the item, according to the study, is to hold onto the memories. We all know a picture helps do that!

Source: Time

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