Clear Your Social Media History!

For those of you who use the simple "clear browsing history" technique after obsessively visiting the page of an ex, it may be a quick fix. But it only works for your computer. For your social media sites, it takes a little more savvy. 

Here are tips on how to erase your browsing history from online platforms, just in case you don't want your current BF / GF / spouse to know what you've been up to. 


  • Clear your search history from Settings. (On iOS click the gear icon next to “edit profile.” On Android it’s the three-dot line.)
  • To stop an account from showing up in your search recommendations (Instagram might know what you like but you don’t need anyone else to know it!): click the search bar, then click and hold the account—you’ll get a pop-up option to hide. (The hiding is permanent, no matter how many times you continue to search for the account.)
  • Also, you can tweak your "Explore" feed (which shows your search history) by choosing “See Fewer Posts Like This." When you see the account you want to disappear, click the three dots in the upper left for the option.


Your recent searches are in plain site on the Facebook search bar. Luckily, you can clear your Facebook search history entirely or remove individual items. 

First, find your Activity Log:

  • On the web, click the little down arrow in the top-right corner, next to the question mark icon, and then choose “Activity Log.”
  • On iOS click the three lines (hamburger) menu on the bottom right, click “Settings,” and choose “Activity Log”
  • On Android, navigate to your profile, and click “Activity Log” right under your profile photo.

Then click “Filter” and choose “Search.” Either use “Clear Searches” to clear all, or use the block icon next to individual searches to delete them from your log. 


By clicking the Twitter search bar, you get offered “Recent Searches.” You’re also offered the option to clear this out with an X or “Clear All.” Hit "Clear All," and you’ll have a clean slate.

Source: Life Hacker

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