Do You Still Read Books?

It’s 2017 - we’re in the digital age and we are LOVING it. So are people really picking up paperbacks anymore? Sadly, the answer might be no – and we think that the most recent election may have something to do with that. Ever since our change in government, we’ve been seeing a significant slump in the book market. So what’s up with that?

People were surveyed and asked how much they’ve read in the past two years and many people have said that they have started reading less. The reason? They’re spending more time on activism for campaigns they believe in and have less time to pick up the books they’ve always meant to read. Bookstores all over the country noticed a lull in book sales during the election.

It’s crazy how everyone’s life gets put on hold when the politics are really heating up! Get it together, people!

Source: Huffington Post

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