More New iPhone Leaks!

A leak of iOS 11 has been found on Reddit on Friday. “Cosmopolitan” writers did some digging to see what the best changes were and found out some interesting stuff about future iPhones because of it. Here’s what we know: 

  • There probably won’t be a 7S. - It kind of seems like we’ll be heading straight in the direction of the iPhone 8, then on to the iPhones 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. iPhone X will have face recognition amongst other crazy perks.
  • iPhone 8 will be pretty awesome. - Lots of new camera features for this bad boy including contour lighting, natural lighting, stage lighting, and studio lighting settings.
  • There will be animated emojis. - Yup. Our emojis are gonna start moving.
  • New perks of the Apple Watch? - Looks like you might be able to make calls from your watches now. AND there’s going to be a blush gold color option.

As if we weren’t already addicted to our Apple products, now there will be even MORE gadgets to win us over!


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