Some Hacks To Boost Your Confidence!

We’ve all been doubting the things we do since we were very young. It’s sad, but it’s true. There’s always someone doing a better job than we are, and that makes things pretty difficult when it comes time to really put ourselves out there. Here are some ways to really get your ego going when your mind is stuck on those negative thoughts: 

  • Write down your self-doubting thoughts. - Once you recognize the thoughts you have all the time, you can figure out which ones need the most work.
  • Ask yourself what you would do if you were more confident. - Are there things you don’t do because you just can’t get up and see yourself doing it? Challenge yourself to do the bold thing.
  • Dress the part. - Ever hear of “dress well, test well?” It kind of works in confidence, too. If you look fly, you’ll feel fly.
  • Get outside. - Taking a walk can often help with those negative thoughts.
  • Collect praise. - Take a screenshot or something of every nice thing someone says to you, and remember it when you’re feeling down.
  • Set affirming reminders. - You’re glued to your phone anyway, have it pop up something useful every now and then about how great you are!
  • Accept compliments. - Instead of immediately shutting down the nice things people say, own them!

It totally sucks to jump into the confidence game when you’re not really feeling it yourself. But the more you practice self love, the easier it all gets over time.


Paul James

Paul James

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