We Spend A Lot of Money on Sports & Athletics

Just by the excitement felt with the return of football this week it’s easy to see that Americans love sports and, according to a new report, they are showing that love with their wallets. 

CreditCards.com reports that Americans have spent over $100 billion on athletics this year, which includes tickets to sporting events, athletic equipment and gym memberships. The biggest chunk of change is spent on sporting events, with 79 million people spending $56 billion in the last year on tickets to events, as well as, transportation and food and beverage.

As for those shelling out the most money to go to games, those with young children (46%) are more likely to spend money on tickets than those without (28%), while younger people are also more likely to go to see a game than older folks, with 43% of those 18-52 spending money on sporting events as compared to only 21% of those over 53.

But we’re not only watching, but doing too. In the past year Americans have spent more than $33 billion on athletic equipment, while 54 million have spent about $19 billion on gym memberships in the past 12 months. Of course, whether they actually go to the gym is a whole other story.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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