Should You Text That or Not?

Nothing can derail a new relationship and humiliate you in the dating world faster than a text we shouldn’t have ever sent. We may have self control in other areas of our life, but not so much with texting. So here’s a handy list of times it’s not okay to send a text, no matter what.

  • After a few too many - Nothing’s worse than waking up hungover and frantically checking your phone to discover you texted “hi” at 3 a.m. or worse - that you sent a mostly nonsensical message about your feelings.
  • When he knows you’re doing something fun - If you’re out doing something fun and exciting, don’t spend the night texting your crush. Let them imagine you’re having such an amazing time you temporarily forgot all about them. The mystery of it all is more exciting.
  • After you’ve said you won’t text again - If you’ve made that dramatic declaration, don’t go back on it now.
  • When you’re sick - If you’re in a relationship and you want to text your S.O. to pick up tissues and soup, go right ahead. But don’t send your new love interest a message while you’re in bed with the flu, feeling pitiful. Call your mom instead, that’s what she’s there for.
  • When you haven’t heard from him - If you didn’t hear from him after your date or hookup, he’s just not that into you. Sending him an angry text won’t change his feelings and you’ll end up feeling worse, so just don’t.
  • When you see an online article that reminds you of him - This one is okay if you’re in a relationship, but resist the temptation to send an article called, “Seven questions for bonding with your partner” to the guy you just started seeing. Just don’t.
  • After an Ambien - Nothing good can come of this. Ever.

Source: The Zoe Report

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