Top 20 Toys for This Christmas

Helping celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Holiday Hot Toy list,  gift-givers can find Geoffrey's Top 20 toys (the best of the best of the  list) - and more - in-store and online: 

. 3-in-1 Sports Zone from Little Tikes®

. Baby So Sweet 16-Inch Nursery Doll from Toys"R"Us® (Available only at Toys"R"Us)

. Coco Interactive Guitar from Mattel® 

. Doc McStuffins All-in-One Nursery from Just PlayT 

. FingerlingsT from WowWeeT (Unicorn Gigi available only at Toys"R"Us)


. Glimmies Glimtern from Just PlayT (Available only at Toys"R"Us)

. Hatchimals Surprise from Spin Master

. Imaginext® DC Super FriendsT Batbot Xtreme from Fisher-Price®

. L.O.L SurpriseT Big Surprise from MGA Entertainment® 


. Nintendo SwitchT with Gray Joy-ConT from Nintendo

. Of Dragons, Fairies, and WizardsT Magical Fairy Wand Fairy Princess Fern from Cepia LLC

. OoniesT Mega Starter Pack from Moose ToysT (Available only at Toys"R"Us)

. PAW Patrol Sea Patroller from Spin MasterT

. Pikmi PopsT Surprise! Jumbo Plush from Moose ToysT (Available only at Toys"R"Us)

. Power Wheels Boomerang from Fisher-Price® (Available only at Toys"R"Us)

. Power Rangers Ninja Steel Lion Fire Fortress Zord from BandaiT (Available only at Toys"R"Us)

. Project Mc2T Smart Pixel Purse from MGA Entertainment®

. Shimmer and ShineT Magical Light-Up Genie Palace from Fisher-Price® (Available only at Toys"R"Us)

2017 Toys"R"Us Holiday Hot Toy List by age - DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS

Baby's First Christmas 3-in-1 Sports Zone from Little Tikes®

Little ones can triple the play with this 3-in-1 Sports Zone that  grows through the baby and toddler years. Featuring 3 modes of play -  bowling, soccer and basketball - tiny tots can learn all while moving  and having fun. The basketball feature includes an adjustable height  hoop that grows with baby and encourages counting while shooting. Little  ones can then build gross motor skills during soccer and learn shapes,  colors and cause and effect while bowling. When playtime is over,  parents can simply fold the sports center in half and store away. 3 "AA"  batteries required (not included). Ages 9 to 36 months.

Minnie Mouse Garden Fun Activity GymT from Kids II Far East Limited

Tiny tots can join Minnie in her perfectly pink Garden Fun Activity  GymT featuring a plush flower mobile with a baby safe mirror that goes  from lay and play to tummy time. With more than 20 minutes of musical  fun, baby can kick and play for auditory and visual stimulation. Parents  can encourage baby's fine motor skills with 4 detachable take-along  toys, including the plush flower mobile, bead chaser, crinkle fabric toy  and butterfly teether. A grow-with-me Minnie Mouse bead chaser is  perfect for tummy time and sit up co-play. The contoured prop pillow  also provides support for baby during tummy time. 2 "AA" batteries  required (not included). Ages 0 to 12 months. Available only at  Toys"R"Us.

13 Months to 2 Years

Laugh & Learn® First Words Smart Puppy from Fisher-Price®

Utilizing light-up shape buttons, colors and 8 starter blocks, this  interactive Puppy helps teach baby new words. The Smart Stages block  reader repeats a word when baby swipes or places a block, unlocking  different levels of learning. Little ones can press Puppy's nose for  light and music, and send blocks down the chute for hours of playtime  fun. 4 "AA" batteries required (included). Ages 9 to 36 months.

Laugh & Learn® Song & Story Learning ChairT from Fisher-Price®

This infant activity chair encourages baby to read, sing, dance and  more offering 3 activities on an attached side table that looks just  like mom and dad's desk at home. A 5-page story book takes baby through a  day in the life of Puppy and the seat plays songs and sounds to keep  little ones entertained, letting their imaginations run wild. 2 "AA"  batteries required (included). Ages 12 to 36 months.

2 to 5 Years


Little ones can play caregiver with the BABY ALIVE SWEET TEARS BABY  Doll nurturing their doll from tears back to happy smiles and giggles.  When this baby doll frowns or cries, kids can see she's a bit under the  weather. They can then use the reusable tissue to wipe her nose and  tears, and give her a check-up with the included stethoscope and  thermometer. BABY ALIVE SWEET TEARS BABY is available in 3 ethnicities.  With more than 35 sounds and phrases, BABY ALIVE SWEET TEARS BABY comes  with a removable outfit, reusable tissue, juice box, stethoscope,  thermometer, bandage and hair brush. 3 "AA" batteries required  (included). Ages 3 years and up. 

Baby So Sweet 16-Inch Nursery Doll from Toys"R"Us®

Baby So Sweet's collection of baby dolls is designed for little ones  who love nurturing pretend play just like mom and dad. This 16-inch  soft-bodied baby doll has a weighted bottom and finely sculpted facial  features, giving it the look and feel of a real baby. The Baby So Sweet  collection includes 3 dolls with assorted fashions and accessories, each  crafted with premium fabrics, elegant trimmed collars and sweet  embroidered embellishments. No batteries required. Ages 3 years and up.  Available only at Toys"R"Us.

Barbie® Pink PassportT Cruise Ship from Mattel®

Little ones will love to sail the seas with this Barbie® Pink  PassportT Cruise Ship playset that transforms into a pool, dining room,  outdoor patio, bedroom and more - the island hopping and play  possibilities are endless. The front of the ship pulls out to become a  pool with two pink slides, while the ship's side folds down to double as  the interior dining room. The top of the ship flips up and transforms  into a bedroom with two bunks, as a yellow swing for 2 is joined by a  colorful umbrella on the outdoor patio. The ship comes complete with  movable furnishings sure to inspire storytelling. No batteries required.  Ages 3 years and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix from Playmates Toys

Fans of Cartoon Network's animated series, Ben 10, will love the  Deluxe Omnitrix as it is inspired by the show to be a replica of the  watch that allows Ben Tennyson to transform into his 10 aliens.  Including lights, sounds and awesome mechanical action, kids will have  hours of fun transforming into any one of Ben's 10 aliens through the  power of the Deluxe Omnitrix. This watch is packed with over 100 alien  phrases and motion activated sound effects. 2 "AAA" batteries required  (included). Ages 4 years and up.

Coco Interactive Guitar from Mattel® 

Budding musicians can recreate music from Disney Pixar's, Coco, with  this interactive guitar that allows kids to learn and practice,  "Remember Me," a popular song from the film through fully functioning  strings, working lights and true-to-movie details. This guitar is topped  by a skull that chomps when the first chord button is pressed and also  comes with sheet music so kids can practice the day away. 3 "AA"  batteries required (included). Ages 3 years and up. Available beginning  November 1, 2017.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - ROADSTER RACERS GARAGE from Fisher-Price®

Preschoolers can enjoy the adventures of Disney Junior's Mickey and  the Roadster Racers with this all-in-one service station including 3  levels of fun to help prep Mickey Mouse for any big race. Little ones  can speed over to the diagnostics station for some quick fixes with the  tool cart and gas pump, or race to level two to make Mickey's vehicle  magically extend into racer mode. Aspiring mechanics can then make major  modifications to the engine, exhaust pipe and spoiler on Mickey's  Ramblin' Rover on level three, and finally race down the ramp to the  finish line. No batteries required. Ages 3 years and up.

Doc McStuffins All-in-One Nursery from Just PlayT

Preschoolers can learn to nurture and care right alongside Chief  Resident Doc McStuffins with the All-in-One Nursery, an adorable  role-play center full of exciting features and accessories to explore.  Little docs in training can use her portable electronic patient laptop,  featuring a light-up screen, sounds and lullaby music to diagnose  patients right at home. The light and sound stethoscope is perfect for  listening to baby's heartbeat, and when it's time for a check-up,  measure baby's height and weight on the scale. After the checkup is  complete, baby can be bandaged from the sticker dispenser. After a long  day, kids can spin the baby mobile and rock the cradle - the best  prescription for sweet dreams. 3 "AG-13" or 3 "AAA" batteries required  (not included). Ages 3 years and up.


Kids can bring home an adorable baby tiger to love, play and care for  as their own. Make a noise or give a loud jungle roar and ROARIN' IVORY  will roar back in response. ROARIN' IVORY features 100-plus sound and  motion combinations with sensors on her forehead, back, and muzzle  allowing her to respond to touch in fun ways. Littles ones can nuzzle  her cheek and she'll respond with expressive eyes, sounds and tail  movements. 4 "C" batteries required (not included). Ages 4 years and up.  Available only at Toys"R"Us beginning November 1, 2017.

GlimmiesT Glimtern from Just PlayT

The GlimmiesT Glimtern is a beautiful lantern-shaped house that makes  the perfect home for the light up star creatures who live inside. Kids  can place Glimmie in her Glimtern and she will magically light up, then  hang the Glimtern from the ceiling to create a fairy light. Glimmies  hide their light during the day, but when the lights go out, these  magical friends will shine bright in the dark. Little ones can bring  them wherever they go and even cup them in their hands to see their  Glimmie light up. Sent by the moon to keep peace and harmony in nature,  Glimmies are magical friends with their own personalities. This playset  is compatible with all Glimmies dolls. Requires 3 "AG-13" batteries  (included). Ages 3 years and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

Hot Wheels® Super Ultimate Garage from Mattel®

The all new Hot Wheels® Super Ultimate Garage takes car play to  higher levels, standing over 3-feet tall with room for more than 140  cars and an awesome motorized elevator that can transport up to 23 cars  at a time - it is the single biggest garage yet. Kids can explore the  city, but keep a close eye out for the gorilla that can go to the top of  the tower and will try to swipe cars out of the elevator. 4 "D"  batteries required (not included). Ages 5 years and up. 

Imaginarium Power RailsT Gold Mountain Train Set from Toys"R"Us®

All aboard! New from Imaginarium is Power RailsT, the remote control  train world with the first plastic track system designed to be  compatible with standard wooden tracks. These RC train sets have engines  that offer both manual play for younger children and motorized remote  control action for bigger kids. The RC engine packs provide extra remote  controls with color coordinated engines so up to 4 friends can play  together on the rails (sold separately). The full Power Rails line  includes 3 RC train sets, a Super Crane and 3 accessory packs. 7 "AAA"  batteries required (not included). Ages 3 years and up. Available only  at Toys"R"Us.

Imaginext® DC Super FriendsT Batbot Xtreme from Fisher-Price®

Standing over 2-feet tall, this action-packed toy makes kids feel  like Batman from the wings, down to projectile launchers and motorcycle.  While in battle mode, aspiring super heroes can speak into the voice  changer for awesome sound transformations, and control Batbot using 3  power pads on the shoulders and legs. 3 "AA" batteries required  (included). Ages 3 to 8 years. 

Luke Skywalker's LandspeederT from Radio Flyer

Luke Skywalker's LandspeederT is modeled after the sand-pocked and  sun-faded X-34 craft from Star Wars: A New HopeT. With seats for 2  riders, an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds, and a  5 mph driving speed, this speeder provides a truly galactic driving  experience. Maximum weight limit is 130 lbs. 12-volt rechargeable  battery and charger required (included). Ages 4 years and up. Available  only at Toys"R"Us. 

Minnie's Walk and Play Puppy from Just PlayT

It's true puppy love for Minnie Mouse as she trains and walks her  sweet pooch, Snowpuff. The Minnie's Walk and Play Puppy Plush features 2  modes of play. Little ones can first use the clicker to teach Snowpuff  to bark, spin, and dance, then, take a dog-walking adventure together.  Minnie sings and talks to her furry friend while Snowpuff makes happy  doggy sounds. 3 "AAA" and 3 "AA" batteries required (included). Ages 3  years and up.

Of Dragons, Fairies, and WizardsT Magical Fairy Wand Fairy Princess Fern from Cepia LLC

This magical fairy wand opens the doors to a world of dragons,  fairies and wizards, putting magic at kids' fingertips. Little sorcerers  can interact with Fern, the pink fairy who lives inside of the wand,  and learn over 16 magic spells, including spells unique to Fern, with  the swish and flick of the wrist. Kids can enjoy limitless spellbound  possibilities with an illustrated spell book, and meet magical creatures  such as unicorns and pixies along the way. 1 Lithium rechargeable  battery required (included). Ages 4 years and up.

OoniesT Mega Starter Pack from Moose ToysT

OoniesT are inflatable mini balloons that magically stick together,  allowing crafty kids to create an ooniverse of characters, games,  challenges and activities. The OoniesT Mega Starter Pack has everything  needed to make even more Oonies, pellets, deco bits and connectors.  Super easy and super fun, kids can inflate the Oonies pellets in the  inflation chamber, stick them together and then decorate. This starter  pack comes complete 90 pellets and 90 connectors, allowing kids to  create up to 50 Oonie designs. No batteries required. Ages 4 years and  up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

PAW Patrol Sea PatrollerT from Spin MasterT

Tiny tots can sail to the rescue with the newest PAW Patrol team  vehicle - the Sea PatrollerT. With an amazing sea-to-land  transformation, the Sea Patroller is prepared for wherever the rescue  leads. It's equipped with a boat-load of features including lights and  sounds, a working crane, a life-saver launcher and storage for basic  vehicles. The Sea Patroller comes with an exclusive Ryder figure and his  ATV, an exploration cage and a baby octopus. 3 "LR44" button cell  batteries required (included). Ages 3 years and up.

Pikmi PopsT Surprise! Jumbo Plush from Moose ToysT

Pikmi PopsT are collectible mini plush living inside a lollipop,  waiting to be discovered. Each character has its own unique pattern,  personality and dessert-inspired scent. Pikmi Pops look and smell like  candy, and are sweet and caring on the inside, too. Each lollipop comes  with a personal message from a Pikmi Pop character giving kids a  compliment, an encouragement and a little bit of love. No batteries  required. Ages 5 years and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

PJ Masks Nighttime Adventures Spiral Die-Cast from Just PlayT

Fans of the Disney Junior animated show can go into the night to save  the day - in an epic race to defeat the evil schemes of the Nighttime  Villains. The PJ Masks Nighttime Adventures Spiral Die-Cast playset is  compatible with all PJ Masks die-cast cars, each spinning character  accessory is interchangeable, so it is easy to customize the obstacles.  Kids can collect the Cat-Car, Owl Glider and Romeo's Lab for more racing  adventures. This playset includes a 3-tiered spiral track with  Headquarters tower, 1 die-cast Gekko Mobile, 1 die-cast Night Ninja bus,  4 parking spaces and 6 inter-changeable spinning character obstacles.  Requires 2 "AA" batteries (included). Ages 3 years and up. Available  only at Toys"R"Us.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Lion Fire Fortress Zord from BandaiT

This 3-in-1 Megazord and playset offers 3 play modes - Megazord,  Ultra Megazord and Fortress - and features more than 20 authentic sound  effects. Standing over 20-inches high in Megazord mode, kids can gear up  for battle with twin firing cannons, a helipad, cockpit and jail to  hold captured villains. 2 "LR44" batteries required (included). Ages 4  years and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

Rusty Rivets Rivet LabT from Spin MasterT

If little ones can dream it, they can build it with this Rusty Rivets  Rivet LabT playset that allows them to create Rusty's Headquarters.  This playset transforms just like Rusty's Rivet Lab Headquarters on the  hit Nickelodeon show, features real lights and even closes for easy  transport and storage. The Rivet Lab comes with an exclusive Rusty  figure and a vehicle lift, an elevator and workshop full of accessories  for all of Rusty's inventing needs. 3 "LR44" batteries required  (included). Ages 3 years and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

Shimmer and ShineT Magical Light-Up Genie Palace from Fisher-Price®

Based on the hit animated TV show, the Shimmer and ShineT Magical  Light-Up Genie Palace features over 3 levels of play for little ones to  explore and more than 100 phrases and sounds that activate when tiny  tots make a wish and clap their hands. Preschoolers can help their  favorite genies get ready for the day at the vanity or have a  genie-rific tea party at the table. No batteries required. Ages 3 years  and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

Soggy DoggyT from Spin MasterT

5 to 7 Years

Cool MakerT JoJo SiwaT Bow Maker from Spin MasterT

Part of 14-year-old singer, dancer, performer and social media  influencer JoJo Siwa's all-new collection of toys and crafts, this  adorably creative Bow Maker set lets little fashionistas make bows the  JoJo way. Inspired by JoJo's positive messages and love of rainbows and  emojis, the Bow Maker provides enough accessories for kids to create 4  unique, brightly colored bows. By simply following the instructions,  they can fashion bows JoJo herself would be proud to wear. Once  finished, they can add unique JoJo Siwa charms for that finishing touch.  No batteries required. Ages 6 years and up. Available only at  Toys"R"Us.

FingerlingsT from WowWeeT 

This unique little pet fits perfectly on kids' fingers and will go  everywhere - just like a real pet. Each FingerlingsT responds to noise,  motion and touch. Kids can pet their head to put them to sleep, blow a  kiss or make a loud noise and watch them get excited. Gigi the Unicorn  is the perfect companion and is available only at Toys"R"Us. 4 "LR44"  batteries required (included). Ages 5 years and up. 

Greedy GrannyT from Goliath Games

Shh - one wrong move will wake Granny. As Granny snoozes, players  have to spin the wheel to see what sweet they have to swipe from her  plate. But beware, if Granny wakes up, her teeth go flying. Be the first  player to collect 1 of each of her treats to win the game, which is  available only at Toys"R"Us. No batteries required. Ages 4 years and up.  

Hatchimals ColleggtiblesT 12-Pack Egg Carton from Spin MasterT

Delightful surprises await HatchiFans with this Hatchimals  ColleggtiblesT 12-Pack Egg Carton. Ideal for on-the-go play, this  re-useable carrying case is filled with 10 in-egg Colleggtibles, 1  out-of-egg Colleggtible and 1 of 2 exclusive Flamingeese. Kids can open  up the glittery carton and find nests molded into the bottom of each egg  compartment. The hatching is easy - children can hold each egg in their  palm, rub the purple heart until it turns pink, then press down to  crack the shell and hatch a new friend. The carton is also stackable and  serves as a cool display case that keeps entire Colleggtibles  collections together. No batteries required. Ages 5 years and up. 

Hatchimals SurpriseT from Spin MasterT

Since the global launch of HatchimalsT in 2016, HatchiFans have been  captivated and enchanted by these magical creatures that deliver a true  hatching experience to kids. The newest Hatchimals hold a surprise  inside - twins! Little ones can rub the egg until it hatches and watch  the twins pop out from the egg and immediately interact with one  another. Puppadee is available only at Toys"R"Us. Ages 5 years and up. 

L.O.L SurpriseT Big Surprise from MGA Entertainment®

From L.O.L. Surprise!T, the collectible craze that combines unboxing,  collecting and fashionable doll surprises inside, comes L.O.L Surprise  Big Surprise. With 50 surprises inside each item, this limited edition,  is fun for little collectors. No batteries required. Ages 6 years and  up. 

Nickelodeon SlimeT Deluxe Slimy Creations from Cra-Z-Art

Kids can join the slime making craze with this Nickelodeon SlimeT  Deluxe Slimy Creations kit by experimenting with holographic glitter,  confetti, plastic beads and googly eyes. No matter the slime design,  everything is included for an awesome, and safe, slimy experience. No  batteries required. Ages 6 years and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

Nintendo SwitchT with Gray Joy-ConT from Nintendo

Nintendo SwitchT gives users the freedom to have fun wherever and  whenever they want. This versatile system connects to a TV at home and  can instantly transform into an on-the-go handheld using its 6.2-inch  high-definition screen. Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Con that can  each act as a standalone controller with built in motion-sensing  technology and new HD Rumble. This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch  console, Nintendo Switch dock in black, with contrasting left and right  Joy-Con controllers - one blue, one red. Also available with Neon Red  and Neon Blue Joy-Con. No batteries required. Ages 6 years and up.

Project Mc2T Smart Pixel Purse from MGA Entertainment®

Project Mc2T is a team of super-smart and seriously cool girls who  use their love of science and spy skills on missions for the secret  organization, NOV8 (that's "innovate"!). As seen in the Emmy nominated  Netflix original series, this Smart Pixel Purse is the ultimate fashion  must-have for the NOV8 agents' next mission. This on-the-go accessory  allows fans to show off their tech genius and comes pre-programmed with  over 10 animations for easy out-of-the-box play. Kids can also customize  the multi-color LED display with their own designs or phrases using the  free iOS and Android app (smart device not included). 4 "AA" batteries  required (included). Ages 6 years and up.

ShopkinsT Happy PlacesT Grand Mansion from Moose ToysT

The Lil' Shoppies can now live a life of luxury with this 7-room  Happy PlacesT Grand Mansion playset. Precious Lil' Shoppie Chandelia  calls this mansion home and lights up the room as soon as she walks in.  With plenty of space to decorate and display little ones' Petkins  collections, the set comes with 14 exclusive Petkins, fluffy rugs and  cozy cushions. No batteries required. Ages 5 years and up.

Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemT: Super NES Classic Edition from Nintendo

From the first ride on Yoshi to the final heart-pounding escape from  Planet Zebes, the Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemT is pure 16-bit  retro gaming perfection. Now a new, miniaturized version is here,  pre-loaded with 21 of the all-time greatest games, like Super Mario  KartT and the first-ever release of Star FoxT 2. Gamers can just plug it  in and play. The system comes bundled with an HDMI cable, a USB  charging cable, two Super NES Classic ControllersT, and 21 games,  installed and ready-to-play. The system is also compatible with the  Classic ControllerT and Classic Controller ProT accessories. No  batteries required. Ages 6 years and up.

WWE® Superstars: Ultimate Entrance Playset from Mattel®

Kids can make a grand entrance in the ring time-and-time again with  this WWE®-inspired 2-in-1 playset. Little ones can get WWE Superstars  ready backstage with a couch, table, vanity, closet, hangers and camera,  to capture the fun. Then when the Superstar is ready, the playset  transforms with a turning platform to reveal the Superstar on the  Ultimate Entrance stage. Playset includes piece-count, stickers and  Nikki Bella action figure. No batteries required. Ages 6 years and up.  Available only at Toys"R"Us.

ZoomerT Enchanted UnicornT from Spin MasterT

Unicorn fans can step into a world of dreamy fun with ZoomerT  Enchanted UnicornT, available exclusively at Toys"R"Us. She moves on her  own and has a multi-colored light-up horn to show exactly how she  feels. Little ones can press the heart button on her collar and she'll  perform tricks like dancing or doing a figure eight. An interactive  apple accessory helps feed her when she's hungry and as she eats, she'll  make cute chomping, munching and crunching sounds. This enchanting  unicorn can also be treated with a sugar cube and if she has one too  many licks, she'll become hyper and do her special sugar dance. Once  she's danced her heart out, kids can style her beautiful pink, purple  and blue hair using her brush. Like all magical creatures, Zoomer  Enchanted Unicorn has hidden abilities - the magic wand accessory can  unlock her secret game. 4 "AA" batteries required (not included). Ages 5  years and up. Available only at Toys"R'Us.

7 to 11 Years

New this holiday season, Cozmo® Collector's Edition comes in a sleek  Liquid Metal finish to complement his sometimes-mischievous personality,  and is jam-packed with the same functionalities as the original Cozmo  that kids have come to know and love. Leveraging the processing power of  smart devices (iOS, Android and Kindle Fire), Cozmo can express a  wide-range of emotions, and he'll learn to know his owner's name and  face. And with the free companion app, Cozmo owners can access multiple  features, including fun games and interactions. This gifted little robot  with one-of-a-kind personality also ships with his own toys - 3  interactive Power Cubes. Cozmo is proof that the biggest brains (and  personalities) come in the smallest packages. Outlet charger required  (included). Ages 8 years and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

Hot Wheels® Ai Starter Set Mario Kart Edition Track Set from Mattel®

Showcasing signature Hot Wheels® Ai innovation, this special edition  starter set centers around the authentic sounds, voices and hazards from  Nintendo's Mario KartT video game series. This starter set includes  Mario and Yoshi characters with themed gaming controllers, along with 26  Mario Kart themed pieces that kids can build into an iconic  mushroom-shaped track set. The track also allows for an additional 20  plus configurations and the Luigi Body Car and Cartridge Kit are  exclusive to Toys"R"Us. 3 "AA" batteries and 3 "AAA" batteries required  (included). Ages 8 years and up. Available only at Toys"R"Us beginning  October 15, 2017.

BoomerangT from Power Wheels®

This vehicle is a young racer's dream, allowing kids to tilt and spin  into awesome, fully controlled drifts. Kids will love how this rad,  all-wheel drive ride-on powers over different terrains and races at a  max speed of 5 mph in the forward direction. Maximum weight limit is 100  lbs. 12-volt battery and charger required (included). Ages 5 to 10  years. Available only at Toys"R"Us.

R2-D2T App-Enabled DroidT from Sphero 

This is the droid fans are looking for to recreate iconic scenes from  the Star WarsT saga. The specialized tech in R2-D2T is unlike any other  Astromech Droid, making it as authentic as the trusty Artoo fans have  come to know and love. This droid is equipped with fully functional LED  lights in the front and rear and an integrated speaker, which means the  "beeps" and "boops" come right from R2-D2 itself. With Bluetooth  technology, fans can control this droid with a smart device, watch Artoo  interact with other Star Wars app-enabled Droids by Sphero, and view  Star Wars films with reactions from R2-D2. 1 USB charging cord required  (included). Ages 8 years and up.

SoundMoovzT Musical Bandz from Cra-Z-Art

SoundMoovzT is a new motion-activated wristband device that plays  cool music and special effect sounds as you move. Children can  experience the excitement by moving and dancing to create unique musical  beats through simply powering on for pairing, downloading the free app  and choosing from over 400 sounds. The product comes with 2 special  bands that kids can wear to enable the device. SoundMoovz can also be  connected to a speaker for a bigger sound. 2 "CR2032" batteries required  (included). Ages 8 years and up.

Super Mario OdysseyT from Nintendo

Explore incredible places far from the Mushroom Kingdom as fans join  Mario and his new ally Cappy on a massive, globe-trotting 3D adventure  in Super Mario OdysseyT for Nintendo SwitchT. Use amazing new  abilities-like the power to capture and control objects, animals, and  enemies-to collect Power Moons, power up the Odyssey airship and save  Princess Peach from Bowser's wedding plans. Ages 10 years and up.

Big Kids

DROPMIX Music Gaming System from HASBRO

Developed as a collaboration between Hasbro and award-winning video  game developer Harmonix, DROPMIX is a dynamic and fast-paced  music-mixing game that uses powerful technology to give players a new  way to create surprising music mixes, while competing and connecting  with friends. 2 "AA" batteries required (included). Ages 16 years and  up. 


Kids can dominate blaster battles with this NERF RIVAL blaster that  features the first-ever easy load hopper with a capacity of 100 foam  rounds. The blaster is also compatible with the NERF RIVAL rechargeable  battery pack (sold separately), helping to outlast the competition. 2  "D" batteries required (not included). Ages 14 years and up. 

Sky Viper® v2450 GPS Streaming Video Drone with FPV Headset from SkyrocketT

The search for the ultimate drone ends here with the exclusive Sky  Viper® v2450 GPS Streaming Drone with FPV Headset. Little drone pilots  will enjoy the professional grade drone with built-in GPS and FPV  headset as it provides an immersive flight experience for both beginners  and hobbyists. By using a network of satellites to triangulate its  position, the GPS technology can help the drone maintain a stable hover  without drifting away. The adjustable wide-angle camera lens is perfect  for video-streaming, while the Return-to-Home feature summons the drone  back to its launch point with the push of a button. One rechargeable  3.7v 1200mAh lithium polymer battery required (included) and 3 "AAA"  batteries required (not included). Ages 12 years and up. Available only  at Toys"R"Us.

Paul James

Paul James

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