Do You Know How To Rid Your House of The Flu?

Just like any preparedness drill,you need to be ready for the flu.

Do you know how to clean your house after the germs descend upon your family? Never fear, we have a checklist on what to focus on!

  • Quarantine the sickies! Confine them to a bedroom. It reduces the risk for everyone.
  • Disinfect surfaces. Flu virus can live for 24 hours so using antibacterial items… doorknobs included.
  • Doing laundry for the sick. This is tricky. Make sure you use a laundry basket and don’t “hug” the clothes as you carry them. Get them in basket!
  • Don’t use sponges for cleaning , the are germ factories.
  • Clean those hands! No don’t use bacterial soap, use warm water and soap.

Source: Today

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