Drunk Dude Takes an Uber Hundreds of Miles by Mistake!

A New Jersey man who passed out drunk and took a $1,600 Uber ride home from a party in West Virginia is breathing a huge sigh of relief -- thanks to a very generous and grateful business-owner.

Kenny Bachman had been out partying at the University of West Virginia when he got on the Uber app and requested a ride to the nearby Air BnB he was staying at. Only he actually entered his home address instead and passed out. He came to about 300 miles later and realized the very costly mistake. Unable to come up with that much cash, he started a GoFundMe page to ask for donations.

Bachman's story was all over the news and caught the attention of Jamie Giovinazzo, who owns a food delivery service in New Jersey. He employs a lot of delivery drivers and keeping them all safe is his top priority, so he was very grateful that Bachman decided not to drink and drive. 

So to show his thanks, Giovinazzo got in touch with Bachman and offered to pay his entire fare. 

According to Giovinazzo, the food prep company has a lot of delivery drivers working for them on the road -- so as a means of thanking Bachman for not drinking and driving, he volunteered to pay the entirety of the hefty Uber fare.

The money that was already raised on the GoFundMe page is being donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

 (Asbury Park Press)

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