Sometimes You Need To Walk Away From The News

The 24 hour news cycle can be brutal on our mental health.

We’re sure you know that if you’re depressed, turning on or reading the news is not a good idea. Experts have taken reporters to task for glamorizing suicide, among other things. Walking away from news, no matter the source, is a good idea every once in a while.

Here’s how to manage or completely shut out the need you’re exposed to:

  • From everything including social media.
  • Don’t stream or watch news on TV.
  • Unfollow any news sources on social media and unfollow friends that make it a habit of sharing “breaking news” all the time.
  • Use filter tools if you really want to be on social media. Tools like Tweet Deck, Social Fixer, and Sadblock will help.

Source: Bustle

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