How To Be The Fit Couple!

If you’ve always wished you and your partner could be one of those cute fit couples you see running together in the park, there’s no reason you can’t be. Having your partner as your fitness buddy can help keep you on track for eating right and working out, plus sweating together could make your relationship even stronger. Here are a few ways you can get in shape as a couple.

  • Turn it into a competition - Nothing motivates quite like some friendly competition, so challenge your sweetie and keep pushing each other.
  • Grocery shop together - Plan your meals and cook them together instead of eating out, so you save money and eat healthier, too.
  • Find a workout you both love - It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something different until you both find one you agree on, or alternate favorites every week.
  • Make it a date - Ditch dinner and a movie for a scenic hike and a picnic. It’s a pretty romantic way to get your sweat sesh in.
  • Share a personal trainer - Not only will you save on the cost, you’ll get to bond with your partner, complain about being sore together, and cheer each other on.

Source: PopSugar

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