Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

There’s more proof that coffee rocks.

A new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests coffee drinkers are 12-percent more likely to live longer compared to non-coffee drinkers. The findings are part of the biggest look at mortality rates science has done, with nearly a half million middle aged and elderly subjects.

The study also found a link between coffee consumption and a decreased risk of stroke and Type 2 diabetes. And get this, 16-percent were less likely to die from any disease overall than non java lovers. The icing on the cake? Those who got through eight cups a day - or more saw death rates cut by 14-percent.

They say the findings aren't due to the caffeine within coffee, but could have to do with the chemical compounds within the coffee bean itself. Either that, or as one researcher says, it may just be because it brings people joy.Source: Mirror

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