Can You be Alone Without Being Lonely?

There’s something to be said about some quality alone time. But too much of it can get you feeling lonely – which is definitely not what we want. Alone time is best used for recharging and getting yourself ready for big nights out with all of your best buds. Here’s how to spend time alone without going a little stir crazy:


  • Get off of social media – If you’re spending time alone, social media will only make you feel like you’re missing out on things.
  • Spend time in nature – There’s nothing like the great outdoors to get you in the mood to be alone.
  • Do something new – If you’re enthralled with something you’ve never tried before, you won’t even think about the other people that could be there.
  • Challenge yourself – Get really into the nitty gritty of your brain and try to figure some stuff out.
  • Imagine you’re dating yourself – Wine and dine yourself. Get yourself a spa day. The options for self care are endless.
  • See a therapist – Therapists can give you a sense of having support all the time. Even when you’re alone.


Being alone with your thoughts is something a lot of people try to avoid – but at the end of the day, it’s all we really have to go home to. Use some of these methods to get your head in the game of spending some time with “number one.”


Source: Bustle

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