I'm Over Winter!

I can't make this crap up!

So, it's 4:50am and I don the "Layers of Winter" to trudge out to warm up my car. It's -4 with a "Feels Like" of -21! My car is completely iced or frosted over. My door is frozen stuck and my fingers, inside my gloves are already tingling with the beginnings of frost bite!

So, I force the door open, by using my already broken off back seat door handle from the last "Ice Storm," crawl over the drivers seat and start the car. Defrosters on Full Blast HOT. Then head back into the house to warm back up.

I watch my frozen car for 7 minutes run, Then decide to try and get to the studios only to find my windows are still completely frosted and my wipers wont help it. Yes, The car interior is actually WARM and my windshield is totally frozen!

So, now decide to scrape the windows. Then go back into the house for another 5 minutes, to fend off frost bite to my tingling fingers, again.

Then, head back out to my car, now with my car still running and heat and defrosts on full go for almost 15 minutes, AND the windows are re-frosted over after I flipping scraped them!

"Screw It" I scream for all my neighbors to hear and awaken to, scrape the windows AGAIN and drive into work with frozen finger tips!

Winter, Go Away Now!

Paul James and The Frozen Car!
Paul James

Paul James

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