Wine Sales Dropped For The First Time In 75 Years, Here's Why...

White Claw over wine … Millennials don’t drink as much as other generations, but when they do imbibe, they go for hard seltzer over wine. According to a new report, wine purchases in the U.S. dropped 0.9% in 2019. That’s the first drop since 1944. Millennials choosing to pop a top of White Claw vs. popping a cork of wine is being blamed for the drop in wine sales. (Market Watch)

How many different diets have you tried? A new survey found that the average person will try 126 fad diets over their lifetime. That’s at least two new diets a year. (Study Finds)

So, this will make you wash your pillowcase more often … Mattress brand Amerisleep put a week-old pillowcase under the microscope … and found it had about 3 million colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch on it. That's nearly 18,000 times more bacteria that you’d find on the average toilet seat. So, if you haven’t washed your sheets and pillowcases in weeks – you’re basically putting your head on a toilet seat at night. Sweet dreams. (Best Life)

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