Was 2019 The Year of Horrible Sleep? Some Think So

We all know that most Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, and according to a new report things don’t look like they’re improving at all.

A new survey finds:

  • In 2019, the average American only got five and a half hours of sleep a night, which is down from six hours and 17 minutes the year before.
  • The average American suffered through 105 terrible nights of sleep in 2019, up from 99 the year prior.
  • The average American would be willing to shell out $316.61 for one perfect night of sleep, which is up from $290 in 2018.

Whether your sleep is good or bad, it seems most people have rituals they have to do before calling it a night. Among the most common:

  • Read a book (42%)
  • Watch a specific TV show/movie (42%)
  • Take a vitamin/supplement (36%)
  • Take a warm bath/shower (36%)
  • Drink warm milk (36%)
  • Meditate (36%)
  • Have sex (29%)

But there are some people who do some strange things before they go to bed, and now they’re fessing up. Those odd bedtime rituals include:

  • “I play a handheld Yahtzee game.”
  • “I take off only my left sock.”
  • “I play online bingo.”
  • “I give my cat a treat.”
  • “I clean the house.”
  • “I take a cold bath.”
  • “I drive my car around for a half hour to 45 minutes.”

Source: SWNS Digital

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