Sunday's Big Game Is All About The Food And Other Topics!

Super Bowl … It’s all about the food. A survey asked respondents to list the best things about a Super Bowl party – and the number one reason was … the food. 56% of people said food was the best reason to go to a Super Bowl party, followed by being social at 54% and then watching the game at 49%. 46% said the best thing about the Super Bowl was family getting together and 38% said it was the commercials.

So what are the most popular Super Bowl foods?

  1. Chicken wings – 50%
  2. Pizza – 45%
  3. Chicken nuggets – 38%
  4. Mozzarella sticks – 33%
  5. Chips – 32%

And, of course, a lot of us overdo it on the food and fun. 32% of those surveyed said they had called in sick the day after the Super Bowl. (SWNS)

Stress really does make you go gray. According to new research from Harvard, stress puts your body into fight or flight mode, which then causes cells that give hair pigment to dwindle. Once those cells are gone, so is your hair color. (Science News)

So it turns out that stress turning your hair gray was NOT just an old wives tale. But that doesn’t mean all old wives tales are true. In response to this news, Twitter users are sharing debunked Old Wives Tales at #WivesTalesDebunked.

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